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Provided medical equipment on board provides the highest care for patient being transported on each Air Ambulance mission. Ambulance Jet's  are fully designed for Air Ambulance services, all aircrafts are equipped with ICU stretcher and state of the art on board medical equipment. Furthermore all medical crew are fully approved by all local and international authorities. As Medjet, we act with all latest safety guidelines and rules with our sollution partners. Additionally Medjet have many partners from all around the world which can carry out medical transportation in competetive and effective way.

Medjet medical jet services provide air ambulance, helicopter ambulance and intarnational medical evacuation to its customer all around the world. As medjet we completed many air ambulance and wing to wing transfer all around the world. Additionally we provide medical escort, ground ambulance, helicopter ambulance, air medical services, medical evacuation, asistance services, medical services on site to our client.
Medjet sağlık hizmetleri ile dünya çapında hava ambulans hizmetleri vermekteyiz. Ambulans uçakları ve helikopter ambulansları ile Türkiye ve Ortadoğu, Avrupada acil, yoğun ve ekipmanlı hava ambulans hizmetleri vermekteyiz. Bunun yanında hava taksi ve özel jet kiralama, yerinde tibbi destek ve kara ambulans, yol yardım hizmetleri ve assistance hizmetleri ile dünya çapında ortaklarımız bulunmakta
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